The Amway™ Business Center at Citi Field is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind facility. It was created to provide all IBOs with a dedicated space to freely connect, learn new valuable insights, and share the exciting Amway opportunity with prospects.


Children visiting the Amway Business Center
All children under the age of 12 visiting the Amway Business Center must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Unattended children and their parents/guardians may be asked to leave the facility.

Parking is now available in LOT G. Please do not park in front of the Business Center or in LOT A.
Parking spaces are now available in Lot G (Corner of 126st and Roosevelt ave.) at Citi Field on non-game days at no cost to you. However, Game day parking is subject to normal Citi Field game day parking fees and policies. Baseball season is over for now and will not start until April, 2015. Therefore, you only pay when the Mets are playing.

October 13th, 2014
Artistry Activity from 3-5PM! Products will be Raffled to those who attend the entire class! Do not miss it!

October 15th, 2014
E-Spring activity from 3-5PM. Items will be Raffled to those who attend the entire class followed by a ZUMBA class done given by instructor Yuli Smith

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