Reserve The Center

The Amway™ Business Center is open for use by all IBOs in “good standing.” Many of the services and facilities within the center are also available to Diamond level and above for private booking. To reserve a space for your group, first check the Business Center Event schedule for availability. Then contact your National Accounts Representative.


The Amway™ Business Center at Citi Field is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind facility. It was created to provide all IBOs with a dedicated space to freely connect, learn new valuable insights, and share the exciting Amway opportunity with prospects.


Children visiting the Amway Business Center
All children under the age of 12 visiting the Amway Business Center must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Unattended children and their parents/guardians may be asked to leave the facility.

Parking is now available in LOT A. Please do not park in front of the Business Center or in LOT G.
Parking spaces are now available in Lot A at Citi Field on non-game days at no cost to you. However, Game day parking is subject to normal Citi Field game day parking fees and policies.Therefore, you only pay when the Mets are playing.

Customized Experience
First time visitors at the Amway Business Center please ask any of our Team members to create a personalized experience for you!! We often have samples to share with our guests !!

We are closed for construction thru September 13, 2015. Amway continues construction efforts to remodel the New York Business Center to provide IBOs with an overall enhanced business experience, larger space for prospecting, training, open meetings and a bigger product selection. We apologize for the impact the construction has had on normal Center operating hours and space conditions. However, this is all essential work towards a better future. Due to revisions on the construction schedule, the Center will be closed during Sept 1, 2015 – Sept 13th 2015 for all transactions, Open Meetings or Prospecting in the space. Normal business hours will resume Monday Sept 14th. We will evaluate on resumption of operations, availability for special events, open meetings and training based on construction progress, for the remainder of the month of Sept. We expect the Center to be completely operational by October 2015. A sincere thanks to all of you for your patience during this time. We appreciate your partnership and support!

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